MICRO Past Editions

We started MICRO in 2016 in Lanzarote as an International Conference, after a workshop in Plouzané (France) in 2014.
Since then, its gravity Center has been Lazarote and, due to COVID-19 pandemic conditions, we celebrated 2020 and 2022 online.
For this 5th edition of the Conference in 2024, we are delighted to reconvenein person, and join together in Lanzarote once again.
The MICRO conference series serves as a means to: (i) Facilitate open access to the breadth of emerging & ongoing research; (ii) Identify current research frontiers and new challenges; and (iii) Contribute a collaborative effort to our continuously expanding community.
Here you have the resources from the previous editions. The names of each edition tells you something about the evolution of the conference series:
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